21 mai 2018

R2P in Beaux Arts Magazine

We're really proud to be in the most popular art magazine in France, Beaux Arts Magazine !

3 mai 2018

Mixmag France is talking about us

The article is here.

12 avril 2018

Rue de Plaisance’s new showcase in Berlin

We're so excited about this new Rue de Plaisance showcase in Berlin !! See you soon at Echo Buecher.

27 janvier 2018

Rue de Plaisance’s podcast

You can find all our podcasts on the Rue de Plaisance Cloud page.

20 novembre 2016

Back in Watergate Berlin!

With César Merveille, Oshana in Live and Varoslav.

8 juillet 2016

With Arcarsenal in Rex Club!

With Arcarsenal in Live, Thilo Dietrich, Varoslav.

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