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Our History

Created by Varoslav, Rue de Plaisance is a French music label and artistic project that aims to stand at the crossovers of graphic art and music. Since its creation in 2011, the label appreciates records – avoiding digital releases. From one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other, the artists signed on Rue de Plaisance consist in a tasty mix of electronic music musicians, rich and eclectic. From the American producers Oshana and Seafoam to the Moroccan OCB, the very Parisians Varoslav and Gaffy, going through Germany with Oskar Offermann, Edward, Kashawar… Rue de Plaisance tends to develop a truly musical identity. After more than 25 releases, the label aims to promote musical quality by attracting hidden as well as multifarious talented artists. Artists such as the Detroit native Gari Romalis, the Dutch from Novio Dub Tribe (aka Roger Gerressen & friends) and Ivano Telepta and the German producers Liviu Groza and Skipson belong to the Rue de Plaisance crew. As mentioned above, Rue de Plaisance is an artistic collective that focuses also on visual and graphic arts. Working exclusively with Virassamy, artist from the Bordeaux Region exiled in Berlin who imagines and draws all the covers of each releases issued from Rue de Plaisance, as well as every artwork related to the Label, Rue de Plaisance often organizes exhibition to highlight Virassamy's work in various European cities (Paris, Barcelona, Berlin).


The founder

Varoslav is a Parisian Dj and producer of Czech origin, label owner of Rue de Plaisance.
He is now acquainted to the electronic music scene for more than 20 years. As a DJ, this unflagging records digger guides the dance regularly for thousands of electronic music lovers worldwide. Lots of them have let their bodies move under his vibes in Berlin (Cocoon, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Weekend), Ibiza (Space), Lisboa (Lux), London (Fabric, Half-Baked), New York (ReSolute), Roma (Goa), Montreux (Montreux Jazz Festival) and for sure, in Paris (Rex Club, Concrete and many more). It’s the EP "Inside ways" with the dOP trio released on Supplements Facts in 2008 that pushed Varoslav as a producer at the front of the electronic music scene. Then, in 2011, he decided to launch his own label called “Rue de Plaisance” (R2P for friends) which is the name of street where he grew up and where he still have his music studio. His label was the opportunity for him to develop a more personal style. After two maxis all alone (the very deep "100" in 2011 and "Help!" in 2013) and four collaborations ("Holding You" with Chaim & Erez and "Better Talk"  with David K ­­in 2012, "Forbidden Love" with Gaffarel & Jaw in 2014 and "Sco" with Gaffarel in 2017 ), Varoslav marks Rue de Plaisance with his identity and sensibility.

Our illustrator

Virassamy is a french artist/illustrator, from Bordeaux, France. After the degree in visual arts at the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux in 2000, he gives birth with the artist Grems to the graphic studio Shlag and taking part to the multidisciplinary collective TTcrew. In 2006, he chooses Brussels to live and work, and there he makes a name for himself, often working with magazines and music labels. In 2009, he goes in Berlin where he founded with the designer Brice Delarue the design studio and gallery, Zirkumflex who have done our beautifull website.


Our vinyl records

The best way to listen to your favorite music  : a vinyl record !
We are working with MB Mastering, one of the most talented studio in Paris.
Looking for the best quality, we press our vinyl records with love in France and Germany, usually on a heavyweight 180G.
The first 300 releases are delivered with an original art print by Virassamy. Since the beginning, Rue de Plaisance is distributed by Yoyaku Distribution, based in Paris.


Please contact us at info@ruedeplaisance.com


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Rue de Plaisance it is also...

Exhibitions, show case, drawings & fashion.


Rue de plaisance is exclusively illustrated by Virassamy. Since the first release of the label, Virassamy follows an original visual concept and stand out from the happy spirit usually associated with house music. We regularly  exhibit the original drawings of our vinyl covers in eclectic places like art galleries, libraries, clubs... for a unique experience by mixing art, design and electronic music in a subtle way.


A brand

Do you like the Rue de Plaisance's world ?
Visit our shop and find your favorites items, t-shirts, hoodies, records, art prints, slipmats, totebag.... all designed by Virassamy. The quantities are limited, so hurry up !


Every second tuesday of the month, find us on Rinse France for the Rue de Plaisance radio show. We'll present you all different kind of artists, from techno to house, ambient, experimental music and more.... You can find all our last podcasts here. Each Rue de Plaisance show on Rinse are illustrated by the amazing pictures of our devoted Marie-Charlotte Ferré. Also, we regularly offer you some exclusives Rue de Plaisance podcasts that presents some of the artists in our roster and some others we love.  


The Rue de Plaisance's familly.

Here is a selection of our artists


Alan Doe

A furious dog, interbred with a child in his amniotically tender universe, running across roads when the lights are red. Alan Doe describes himself as an old dirty new born, messing with lovingly entwined analogue beats, warm basses and volatile synths, mixing stuff and waiting for an echo. A different time and space, with adversarial ideas and beverages, competing needs, a genuine symbiosis: a rough pornography, a religious song.



Alan Mathias and Etienne Dauta mostly known as duo Arcarsenal have been slowly but firmly raising a sound and work ethos since a few of years now. This musical symbiosis has led to enthralling releases on mighty Underground Quality and other respected labels, aside their own Bass Cadet Records imprint. Proprietors of the store that bears the same name, these versatile DJ’s have been busy playing to parties across their adopted hometown and European clubs.



Since the curtain rose on dOP back in 2007, the three leading actors have been on a journey that has travelled from sweat-drenched saloons to the most prestigious of establishments. 
Damien, Clement and Jaw spent years working in the world of hip hop in their native Paris before being swept into the world of unconventional house and techno. A whirlwind of releases resulted in appearances on labels such as Eklo, Supplement Facts and Watergate while their debut album Greatest Hits surfaced on Circus Company in 2010. 



Berlin producer Edward, has come a long way from the hypnotic house of his early releases on WHITE. His musical path has led to an immersion in the music of krautrock artist Conny Plank (of Neu! and Cluster), whose music he remixed last year. After several EPs on his home based label WHITE he released his debut album Teupitz in 2012 followed by his Conny Plank remix EP in 2013. His collaborations with the Weimar based Giegling label over the past three years led to his second album which is called “Into a Better Future” and just came out.



Jean-Julien Gaffarel, who is also known by the name GAFFY is best known for his work "On The Rhodes Again" released by 9AM records. His piano education allows him to compose in versatile genres such as audio-visual and cinematographic fields. His passion for synthesizers and musical instruments that was passed through his musician father pushed him to discover electronic music at a young age. Recently, he has been collaborating with Varoslav and J.A.W from dOP for his release called « Forbidden Love ». He also worked with Valmont on his latest track "Solomon", for the compilation album « Le son de la Rue » released by Rue de Plaisance.


Ivano Tetelepta

As being a former member of breakdance crews Ill Skill Squad, Come Correct and Rebelz On The Run (a division of Always Doing Hardcore Damage), Tetelepta’s style was naturally shaped by his bboy background. This resulted in over 40+ releases on his name on high quality labels such as Fear of Flying, Rue de Plaisance, Tenderpark, Sol Asylum and many, many more. Festivals and clubs were aware of his music production and resulted in performance at clubs such as Arma 17 (Moscow), Rex Club and Concrete (Paris), Club der Visionaere and Tresor (Berlin), AgeHa (Tokyo), and performance at festivals such as 8Bahn N&D, Henk, Drift, Mysteryland (as ESHU) and BCB (Hungary) to name a few.



Noticed by some memorable performances, whether as DJ or live, the discreet producer developed through the years a strong passion for creating a sound experience that challenges social and cultural barriers and moves people to explore perspectives beyond the dominant trends. Multifaceted artist, he also releases music under his Dj.Booth moniker and curates the moroccan label Casa Voyager. 



Since her debut in 2012, Oshana has stacked up a number of superior accolades. She was named one of the underground’s top 10 leading ladies by Pulse Radio, she earned a coveted position on Raresh’s Fabric 78 compilation, and she garnished the support of several key players for her numerous chart-topping EP’s. As well as signing her music to BodyParts and Rue De Plaisance, Oshana’s developed a close association to Dana Ruh and Anthea’s Brouqade label, also following the latter to become an integral part of the exciting, new Partisan imprint.


Oskar Offerman

“Music is the direct access to the soul“, says Oskar Offermann, who made his first musical  steps as a teenage drummer and beat producer in various genres in his hometown Frankfurt/Main. Shortly after the turn of the millenium he moved to Berlin. There, House Music had a strong impact on him. And then the direction was clear: in 2007 he founded the imprint White where he not only released his own material but also introduced artists like Edward or Moomin. Various EPs on the labels Aim, Thema, Mule-Musiq and Riverette followed. The albums “Do Pilots Still Dream Of Flying?“ (White, 2012) und “Le Grand To Do“ (Mule-Musiq, 2015) garnered him international recognition.



Brian Cavender aka Seafoam has been writing and producing electronic music for over 20 years now. He has released music on labels such as Guidance, Slow Life and Om to name a few. Brian writes music that is timeless. Not big club hits, but music that can be played today and 10 years from now and still sound significant. In addition to his house productions, Seafoam has explored in the down-tempo and Ambient arenas. His influence comes from everyone from Al Green to Aphex Twin and everyone in between! This is evident in his eclectic style. In addition to sequencing and tweaking knobs in his studio, Brian is a drummer and includes a lot of his own live percussion in many of his songs.

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