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Our History

Created by Varoslav, Rue de Plaisance is a French music label and artistic project that aims to stand at the crossovers of graphic art and music. Since its creation in 2011, the label appreciates records – avoiding digital releases. From one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other, the artists signed on Rue de Plaisance consist in a tasty mix of electronic music musicians, rich and eclectic. From the American producers Oshana, Seafoam and Norm Talley to the Moroccan OCB, the very Parisians Varoslav and Gaffy, going through Germany with Oskar Offermann, Edward, Kashawar…

Rue de Plaisance tends to develop a truly musical identity rather than a geographical one. After more than 25 releases, the label aims to promote musical quality by attracting hidden as well as multifarious talented artists. Artists such as the Detroit native Gari Romalis, the Dutch from Novio Dub Tribe (aka Roger Gerressen & friends) and Ivano Telepta and the German producers Liviu Groza and Skipson belong to the Rue de Plaisance crew. 

As mentioned above, Rue de Plaisance is an artistic collective that focuses also on visual and graphic arts. Working exclusively with Virassamy, artist from the Bordeaux Region exiled in Berlin who imagines and draws all the covers of each releases issued from Rue de Plaisance, as well as every art work related to the Label, Rue de Plaisance often organizes exhibition to highlight Virassamy work in various European cities (Paris, Barcelona, Berlin).


The founder

Varoslav is a Parisian Dj and producer of Czech origin, label owner of Rue de Plaisance.
He is now acquainted to the electronic music scene for more than 20 years. As a DJ, this unflagging records digger guides the dance regularly for thousands of electronic music lovers worldwide. Lots of them have let their bodies move under his vibes in Berlin (Cocoon, Panorama Bar, Watergate, Weekend), Ibiza (Space), Lisboa (Lux), London (Fabric, Half-Baked), New York (ReSolute), Roma (Goa), Montreux (Montreux Jazz Festival) and for sure, in Paris (Rex Club, Concrete and many more).

It’s the EP "Inside ways" with the dOP trio released on Supplements Facts in 2008 that pushed Varoslav as a producer at the front of the electronic music scene. Then, in 2011, he decided to launch his own label called “Rue de Plaisance” (R2P for friends) which is the name of street where he grew up and where he still have his music studio. His label was the opportunity for him to develop a more personal style.

After two maxis all alone (the very deep "100" in 2011 and "Help!" in 2013) and four collaborations ("Holding You" with Chaim & Erez and "Better Talk"  with David K ­­in 2012, "Forbidden Love" with Gaffarel & Jaw in 2014 and "Sco" with Gaffarel in 2017 ), Varoslav marks Rue de Plaisance with his identity and sensibility.

Our illustrator

Virassamy is a french artist/illustrator, from Bordeaux, France. After the degree in visual arts at the Fine Arts School of Bordeaux in 2000, he gives birth to the artists collective Shlag with the artist Grems and taking part to the multidisciplinary collective TTcrew. In 2006, he chooses Brussels to live and work, and there he makes a name for himself as artist, often working with magazines and music labels. In 2009, he goes in Berlin where he found with the designer Brice Delarue the graphic design studio and gallery, Zirkumflex.


Our vinyl records

The best way to listen to your favorite music  : a vinyl record !
We are working with MB Mastering, one of the most talented studio in Paris.
Looking for the best quality, we press our vinyl records with love in France and Germany, usually on a heavyweight 180G.
The first 300 releases are delivered with an original art print by Virassamy. Since the beginning, Rue de Plaisance is distributed by Syncrophone, based in Paris.


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Rue de Plaisance's artists

Rue de Plaisance's artists


Alan Doe

A furious dog, interbred with a child in his amniotically tender universe, running across roads when the lights are red. Alan Doe describes himself as an old dirty new born, messing with lovingly entwined analogue beats, warm basses and volatile synths, mixing stuff and waiting for an echo. A different time and space, with adversarial ideas and beverages, competing needs, a genuine symbiosis: a rough pornography, a religious song.



Since relocating to Berlin at the turn of the decade, French-natives Arcarsenal have gone on to position themselves as proponents of music as warm as their personalities. Using their shared studio as a base from which they craft their productions, the analogue set-up and penchant for improvisation and jams has led to enthralling releases on mighty Underground Quality, aside their own Bass Cadet Records imprint.


Liviu Groza

Romanian born Liviu Groza moved as a child to Switzerland, where he got involved into music as a teenager playing guitar in several rock and funk bands. His involvement in dance music comes later, as he finds inspiration in Zürich’s strong minimal techno, especially in the legendary Dachkantine club. Liviu started DJing some 15 years ago in his hometown Lausanne, founding with friends like Gregorythme the underground party label 34m2. From then on, he started meticulously accumulating techno and house records and producing music on his own.



In 2007 Martyné started to buy his first record players, after getting inspired by the energy and different structure of electronic music he listen to, at infamous Robert Johnson. It was even the time when he and his fella Patrick Klein started to run first techno parties. Martyné's talent and ambitions to play records leads to a residency at Frankfurt's Dora Brilliant (funky people party) and his first vinyl release on Einzelkind's label "La Peña".


Nico Lahs

Italian native is no stranger when it comes music. A mind focused in the future in every sense, characterized by a high sense of professionally. These are maybe the best words to describe Nico Lahs, young musician of worldwide's underground music scene. It's the tale of a child full of dreams, a tale about his love for drums grew up til today, becoming a true complete symbiosis with music at 360°.
Nico's figure is complex like a puzzle, the result of a youth written by experiences and extremes hardly recognizable in common places.


Norm Talley

Born and raised on Detroits westside in the late 60's Norm's addiction to music began at an early age. By the age of 13 years old, Norm's diverse musical outlook consisted of Disco, Progressive, Jazz. Starting off Norm collected good music (45's-8-tracks-Vinyl) with proceeds earned from his paper route and eventually was introduced to Ken Collier who just happened to live 3 blocks over so needless to say most of the Disco and Progressive.


Novio Dub Tribe 

Novio Dub Tribe is the project of Roger Gerressen & Sinan Alakus. Deep and Dub grooves, warm atmosphere.



In an era where ‘original’ music is few and far between, few artists have been able to capture a truly indigenous sound. Luckily, for this US-born Producer and DJ, a relentless pursuit of instinctive rhythm has allowed her to produce a sound that is undeniably her own. In just a short time, Oshana has composed a style that is both unique and complex, a product of expansive atmosphere, embryonic bass, and infectious percussion and rhythm.



The Helsinki based producer/dj Tuomo Aslak Puranen, who also goes by the name of pothOles, is known of his sterling house tracks. In addition to his solo project, he runs a record label "Common Labour" which is a gracefully curated vinyl only imprint. Puranen is hardly a new face on the scene as he has been doing performances and releases over ten years.


Professor Inc

Professor Inc. has been one of the underground discoveries of recent times in terms of his knack for creating raw, gritty and quirky music. Being French it's hardly surprising that his music has hints of Pepe Bradock in it - that random craziness which takes an idea from being good to one that is truly special.



Brian Cavender aka Seafoam has been writing and producing electronic music for over 20 years now. He has released music on labels such as Guidance, Slow Life and Om to name a few. Brian writes music that is timeless. Not big club hits, but music that can be played today and 10 years from now and still sound significant. In addition to his house productions, Seafoam has explored in the down-tempo and Ambient arenas. His influence comes from everyone from Al Green to Aphex Twin and everyone in between! This is evident in his eclectic style. 



K „Skip“ Skipson is based in Berlin and spins the wax, also as producing it. The typical handwrite is always somewhere between a Hip Hop feeling and that deep, funky, jazzy, dusty, shakin disco influenced House stuff, that makes you groove. Both styles came from the same. A little vinyl sample, a sampler,  a drum machine and enough creativity to make something new out of that. So Skip is always focused, to get those two near and far worlds a bit more together. With that mission,  he skips on to do what he loves to do and always will do.

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